Things to do in Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo Beaches

The beaches are the main attraction on Cayo Largo de Sur. These are simply the most amazing beaches you’ve probably ever seen, virgin sands that extend for 24 kilometers along the Caribbean coast, with their vitality and beauty against the backdrop of the gentle waves that embrace the gently sloping coast. All of them have first class conditions for open-air recreation and practicing marine sports. The sand is of seashell and coral origin, fine and white, meaning that it does not heat up.

Lindamar Beach: curves like a shell and surrounded by white rocks. This Cayo Largo Beach extends for 5 kilometers and is situated in a very private setting.

Sirena Beach: this Cayo Largo beach is 2.3 kilometers long and is one of the most beautiful on the Cayo. It is truly a dream-like protected place, with fine sand which is always cool on account of its geomorphologic formation.

Los Cocos Beach: Was given this name due to the amount of coconut palms that bestow their shade and fruit on the beach.

Paraíso Beach: A tribute to unspoiled nature of Cayo Largo, this is an exceptional place for those seeking privacy.

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