Things to do in Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo Beaches

The beaches are the main attraction on Cayo Largo de Sur. These are simply the most amazing beaches you’ve probably ever seen, virgin sands that extend for 24 kilometers along the Caribbean coast, with their vitality and beauty against the backdrop of the gentle waves that embrace the gently sloping coast. All of them have first class conditions for open-air recreation and practicing marine sports. The sand is of seashell and coral origin, fine and white, meaning that it does not heat up.

Lindamar Beach: curves like a shell and surrounded by white rocks. This Cayo Largo Beach extends for 5 kilometers and is situated in a very private setting.

Sirena Beach: this Cayo Largo beach is 2.3 kilometers long and is one of the most beautiful on the Cayo. It is truly a dream-like protected place, with fine sand which is always cool on account of its geomorphologic formation.

Los Cocos Beach: Was given this name due to the amount of coconut palms that bestow their shade and fruit on the beach.

Paraíso Beach: A tribute to unspoiled nature of Cayo Largo, this is an exceptional place for those seeking privacy.

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Getting to Cayo Largo

Flights to cayo largo Cuba

Being an island Cayo Largo is currently only accessible by Air or Sea. There are no plans to build a causeway to Cayo Largo.

By air:

The Vilo Acuña International Airport in Cayo Largo del Sur is equipped to accept large scale aircraft and fulfils all security requirements set out by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), radio-navigation support, and has the capacity to attend to 300 passengers an hour. It receives aircraft from Frankfurt, Milan, Montreal, and Toronto. There are daily flights departing for and arriving from Havana. Additionally, there are weekly excursions to other major resorts in the country such as Varadero, Trinidad, Pinar del Río, Cienfuegos and Santiago de Cuba.

Cayo Largo Catamaran

By sea:

Cayo Largo del Sur Yacht Marina offers immigration, customs and on board services.

Coordinates : 21°37′.0 N, 81°34′.0 W

Radio communication : VHF 16, 19A US & HF 7821.0

Tel.: (53) 45 248213 & 248133

Fax : (53) 45 248212 & 248133

Where is Cayo Largo Located?

Cayo Largo Beach

Cayo Largo del Sur is located right in the center of the Caribbean Sea, to the far east of the Los Cannareos archipelago and to the north east of the Cayman Islands. Its surface area is 37.5 square kilometers, while it is 25 kilometers long, almost all of which is beach. It is situated at a distance of 135 km from Nueva Gerona (Isle of Youth), 125 km from Cienfuegos, 177 km from Havana and 177 km from Varadero.

Cayo Largo

Cayo Largo has the advantage and privilege of being adjacent to Cayo Rico, Cayo Cantiles and Cayo Iguana, which are also of unsurpassable beauty and comprise, together with the Isle of Youth, the Los Canarreos archipelago

Cayo Largo Weather

Cayo Largo Weather

The Cayo Largo weather is moderately tropical. The average temperature is 27º centigrade, possibly rising to 28º C in summer. In the gentle winter the temperatures descend to 25.4º C. Rainfall is minimal, 78 per cent of which occurs between the months of May and October; the annual average number of days when there is rainfall is forty and it generally rains in the afternoon and the evening. Cayo Largo Weather generally has eastern winds prevailing.

Cayo Largo weather beach

All Hotels in Cuba | Complete List and Reviews

Cuban Hotel Bookings

Cuba Hotels by province is offered exclusively from the Cuba Cayo Largo team at Travelucion. Browse Cuban hotels by category, price or read Cuban Hotel Reviews. Travelucion also offers independent reviews on over 400 Casa particular in Cuba all accessible from the links below and conveniently situated in each Cuban province.

Cuba Hotels

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Hotels Havana Province 64

Hotels in Old Havana 27

Hotels Villa Clara Cuba 12

Hotels Holguin Cuba 10

Hotels Granma Cuba 4

Hotels in Santiago de Cuba 12

Hotels Artemisa Cuba 3

Hotels Las Tunas Cuba 1

Hotels in Pinar del Pinar Del Rio 5

Hotels in Matanzas Cuba 50

Hotels in Camaguey Cuba 3

Hotels Ciego De Avila Cuba 11

Hotels Sancti Spiritus Cuba 10

Hotels Cienfuegos Cuba 9

Hotels Isla de la Juventud Cuba 7

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Hotels Baracoa Cuba 12

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Hotels in Varadero Cuba 48

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Hotels Guardalavaca Cuba 8

Hotels Topes de Collantes Cuba 12

Hotels Cayo Coco 11

Hotel Las Terrazas Cuba 2

Hotel Cayo Levisa 2

Hotels in Cayo Largo 8

Hotels Cayo Guillermo Cuba 17

Hotels Cayo Santa Maria Cuba 11

Hotels Cayo Paraiso Cuba 3

Cuba Hotels

Hotels in Cayo Largo Cuba

Cayo Largo Hotel

There a numerous excellent hotels in Cayo Largo. Isla de La Juventud is the controlling municipality and provincial center for the Cayo Largo and Cayo Largo del Sur vacation resorts. These two islands offer a series of luxury Hotels along with pristine beaches and beautiful scenery. Over the past decade Cayo Largo and Cayo Largo del Sur have become extremely popular with Canadian tourists, these making up the bulk of visitors to both islands.

Isla de Juventud plans both a ferry service to the islands and, our provincial government is in talks with Thomas Cook and Thomson holidays (UK) for Cayo Largo del Sur to be a cruise stopover port commencing 2016. This will bring more tourism to the islands along with increased awareness of the Jardines de La Reina archipelago.

Here is a list of all the hotels in Cayo Largo. Due to unique agreements between the province and the hotel chains, these hotels can be booked in advance while payment will only be taken after you have checked into the hotel. There is also numerous up-to-date Cayo Largo Hotel Reviews form the past 6 months.

Sol Cayo Largo ****

Playa Blanca Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba ****

Sol Pelicano Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba ****

Villa Soledad Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba ***

Villa Coral Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba ***

Villa Lindamar Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba ****

Hotel Isla del Sur Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba ***

Villa Marinera Cayo Largo Del Sur Cuba ***

Note – All the Hotels in Cayo Largo are All-Inclusive properties.

Hotel Cayo Largo